Leader in woodworking machinery and tools 
The use of the latest technology and the application of strict quality controls during the desing and manufacturing process allows us to present a wide range of machinery for wood: advanced, solid and safe.
Since their appearance in the market in 1962, the woodworking machines and tools from Virutex have achieved a well earned reputation for quality, robustness and reliability.

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Angle trimmer VIRUTEX FR217S 1700200

Specially designed for trimming the concave radiuses in the joints between rims and work tops made o..


Carbide bit FC116U 16mm VIRUTEX 1640127

Carbide bit diam.16mm  1640127 for VIRUTEX FC116U ..


Carbide bit FC116U 21mm VIRUTEX 1640129 Out Of Stock

Carbide bit FC116U 21mm VIRUTEX 1640129

Carbide bit diam.21mm  1640129 for VIRUTEX FC116U ..


Clamping support with wheels SPR770T VIRUTEX 7000700 Sale

Clamping support with wheels SPR770T VIRUTEX 7000700

Practical support with wheels allowing just one person to hold and carry all kind of panels, heavy d..

210.00€ 170.00€

Curved planer VIRUTEX CE96H 9600000

Professional planer for convex or concave surfaces, with the possibility of working on flat surfaces..


Electronic tiltable trimmer VIRUTEX FR292R 9200400

The only trimmer capable of trimming the excess of the panel or edge surfaces flat or at any angle, ..


Lock mortiser VIRUTEX FC116U 1600300

Specially designed for quick, precise mortising on doors or other elements, either at the work site ..


Multipurpose cleaner Netspray VIRUTEX 8599694

A very effective multipurpose cleaner for cleaning rests of glue.It dissolves the persistent dirt, o..


Non-adherent Cantspray VIRUTEX 6399082

Non-adherent without silicone for all movable parts on the edgebanding machines (trimming blades, en..


Planer VIRUTEX CE35E 3500100 Up to 5 b.d.

Planer VIRUTEX CE35E 3500100

Its power rating (700 W) combined with its lightness make this model ideal for work both within and ..


Router VIRUTEX FR278R 7800200 Out Of Stock

Router VIRUTEX FR278R 7800200

Surface routers for routing wood and plastic. Ideal for deburring edges, cutting out knots, copy rou..


Router VIRUTEX FRE160P 6000200 Out Of Stock

Router VIRUTEX FRE160P 6000200

Professional router for wood and plastic materials, equipped with electronic speed control and elect..


Set of 5 carbide bits for FC116U  VIRUTEX 1640138 Out Of Stock

Set of 5 carbide bits for FC116U VIRUTEX 1640138

Hard metal lock mortiser bits  FC116U VIRUTEX  for VIRUTEX FC116U ..